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Presentation tomorrow
With 24 hours left until the unveiling of the new Ferrari SF-24 single-seater, the Prancing Horse team wanted to give another sneak peek to its fans. After revealing the suits for the 2024 season in recent days, the latest spoiler offered by the Maranello team concerns the numbers that will adorn the race car.

In this case, too, a difference from the recent past is noticeable. The color of the number remains white – as it was in 2023, while it was black in 2022 – but the border now adopts a yellow hue.

New previews
Another clue, in addition to those already present on the suit and undershirt, about how the livery of the SF-24 will likely have important references of this kind.

After all, the historic ‘Modena yellow’ of Ferrari has forcefully returned to fashion in recent years, as evidenced by the now famous suits of Monza 2022 and several references made on suits and garments during the past season. In 2024, with the disappearance of black from the livery, this trend could be even more pronounced.

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