Lamborghini’s First EV to Deliver 1,300HP, Retains Iconic Feel

Lamborghini is on a mission to maintain its essence in its upcoming EV.

It’s no secret Lamborghini is gearing up to take the electric vehicle (EV) world by storm. By 2028, the Italian luxury carmaker plans to roll out its first electric beast, the Lanzador GT crossover, marking its grand entrance into the EV arena. But don’t think for a second that going electric means Lamborghini is toning down its thrill factor. According to Lamborghini’s top boss, Stephen Winkelmann, these future EVs are set to redefine what it means to drive an electric supercar, blending mind-blowing power with the soul-stirring emotion that Lamborghini cars are famed for.

Lamborghini’s foray into EVs won’t compromise on power. Winkelmann himself has assured that their electric lineup will boast a minimum power output of one megawatt, which translates to a whopping 1,341 bhp. But Lamborghini believes driving pleasure isn’t just about raw power or how quickly you can go from 0-100. It’s about the goosebumps you get behind the wheel, the way your heart races in tandem with the car’s acceleration, and that indescribable feeling of being one with a machine.

Winkelmann has been clear: the essence of a Lamborghini is its ability to stir emotions, something that won’t be lost in translation as they shift to electric. “Performance is more than just numbers,” he explained, emphasizing that the true Lamborghini experience is a blend of exhilarating speed, unmatched agility, and, most importantly, the emotional connection that drivers have with their cars. This emotional aspect, according to him, is what will set Lamborghini’s EVs apart in the electric supercar market.

Lamborghini bossLamborghini boss

Achieving this blend of high performance and emotional driving experience in an EV is a tall order. Lamborghini boss himself dubbed it “almost ‘mission impossible’,” given the engineering challenges of combining lightning-fast acceleration, top-notch speed, and a range that doesn’t leave drivers anxious about the next charging station. Yet, if there’s one thing the brand is known for, it’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on four wheels.

Before Lamborghini electrifies its lineup, its fans have a lot to look forward to. The successor to the Huracan is on the horizon, ditching the beloved V10 for a twin-turbo V8 paired with a hybrid system, promising even more power without sacrificing the brand’s signature roar. Additionally, a plug-in hybrid version of the Urus is in the works, blending utility with unparalleled luxury and performance.

In essence, Lamborghini’s journey into EVs is about reimagining the future of luxury performance cars in a way that preserves the essence of driving a Lamborghini. With its ambitious plans, Lamborghini is set to electrify the roads, proving that even in an era of EVs, the heart of a raging bull can beat as fiercely as ever.


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