Laguna Seca Blue G87 M2 (See you at Bimmer Invasion)


Putting the finishing touches of my Inozetek Laguna Blue wrap.

Working with Protective Film Solutions was dream, and hats off to Grail for getting their new Exhaust to me on such short notice!

Let me know if you have any questions… yes the side markers will be wrapped later today!

Build details;
Laguna Seca Inozetek Wrap
Alpha N CSL Trunk
Alphe N Carbon Grills
TRE/AutoID front splitter
TRE AutoID Side Shirts
R44 Rear diffuser
GRAIL Axel Back
SPS Single Midpipe
VT Forged Wheels on PS4- 19/285,20/315
Rouge Engineering SSK+Rear mount
BM3/Femto Unlocked and Stage 2 E50
Dinan Strut brace
Dinan Engine cover
BMS Cold air intakes
I’m sure there is more, but thats the meat and potatoes. Alpha Hood, and new racing clutch are en route.

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