What You Need to Know

Digital and Paper Road Tax Options: What You Need to Know

Embrace digital or opt for the new paper format. Understand the details, replacements, and international use. Your guide to hassle-free road tax choices and compliance.

Digital and Paper Road Tax Options: What You Need to Know

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Earlier this year, Malaysia’s road transport department (JPJ) announced a shift in the issuance of physical road tax (LKM) to accommodate those who prefer traditional methods. While the digital version remains highly encouraged, individuals can now receive a paper document instead of the familiar plastic disc for their vehicle’s windscreen. This article delves into the details of this transition and its implications.

Physical and Digital Road Tax Options

In Malaysia, both physical and digital versions of the road tax are valid. The digital alternative is accessible through the MyJPJ app and the department actively promotes the use of it. However, for those who insist on the physical road tax, the JPJ provides a FAQ section to offer clarity on the process.

Issuance of Physical Road Tax Discs

JPJ offices and their business partners will continue to provide the conventional road tax disc, dependent on stock availability. Once stocks are depleted at individual outlets, individuals will receive the paper-type LKM instead. Distribution points include JPJ counters, Pos Malaysia, MyEG, Puspakom, and the mySIKAP portal.

Obtaining a Physical Road Tax

There is no additional charge for opting for a physical LKM as the renewal fees include the cost. In case of loss or damage to the paper-type LKM, replacements can be obtained at any JPJ office. It comes with charges set at RM20 for motorcycles and RM50 for non-motorcycle vehicles.

Details on the Paper Document:

The new paper document is standardized for all vehicles. It includes essential details such as the vehicle registration number, expiry date, engine capacity, place of registration, and road tax fee. These details are updated in real time to JPJ’s system and the MyJPJ app.

Displaying the New LKM

While there is no mandatory requirement to display the new LKM on the vehicle, it is best to keep it nearby for presentation when requested by authorities.

International Travel and Road Tax

For individuals planning to drive their Malaysian-registered vehicles in foreign countries, the JPJ emphasizes adherence to the regulations of the respective countries. The paper-type LKM is acceptable in countries where physical road tax is mandatory. Notably, Malaysian citizens driving into Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, and Indonesia can use their digital road tax for clearance at land borders.

Driving Licence for International Travel

While the paper-type LKM is valid internationally, the same does not apply to driving licences. Individuals planning to drive abroad must visit a JPJ counter to obtain a card version of their driving licence. The new format, whether digital or physical, is not recognized in foreign countries.

Malaysia’s road transport department continues to offer flexibility in the choice between physical and digital road tax. This transition aims to accommodate diverse preferences while ensuring adherence to international regulations for those planning cross-border travel with their vehicles. As technology evolves, Malaysia strives to strike a balance between modernization and the preservation of conventional practices in the realm of road tax issuance.

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