Is Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready?

It’s time to fit in that last road trip of the summer and take advantage of the warm weather! But before you pack up your car and toss in the kids, make sure your vehicle is Road Trip Ready. 

Assess Your Tires 

How’s that tread looking? Simply turn the penny upside down so that Lincoln is doing a headstand in your tire treads. If you can see the top of his head, your tires are bald and it’s time to hurry over to Cape Auto to get a new set.

Also watch for the tire pressure. You’ll want to fill them up to the manufacturer’s recommended PSI — which you can usually find on the driver’s door jamb, or in the manual. 

Look Under the Hood 

Take a drive to Cape Auto and get that oil change you’ve been putting off. We’ll make sure your wiper fluid is topped up while we’re at it! 

You may need a new engine or cabin filter, as well, which will make sure your vehicle runs efficiently and that all passengers are breathing clean air as you drive. 

Create a Car Safety Kit 

If you haven’t yet, work on building your car safety kit. This is especially worthwhile if you’re headed anywhere with poor cell service or trying to off-road at all. 

You’ll want jumper cables, a reflective triangle, first aid kit, wrench set, and some protein/meal bars in case you get stranded for a while. 

It’s also a good idea to make sure you have a proper spare tire and that all your tire-changing supplies are where they should be. 

Get a Full Vehicle Examination! 

Better yet, head over to Cape Auto for service. We will look over your car from tires to top to make sure it’s Road Trip Ready. 


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