Police in Florida have released dashcam footage that shows them chasing a lifted Chevrolet Silverado along a busy highway before slamming into its side and performing a PIT maneuver in the middle of traffic.

The incident occurred on January 25 when authorities attempted to perform a traffic stop on the Silverado to investigate a 26-year-old occupant for drug possession. However, the suspect and the two other men in the car refused to pull over and immediately fled from the police. Unfortunately for them, they had several determined police officers in pursuit who were not willing to let them get away.

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For the first minute of the video below, the trio in the Silverado were driving relatively sedately but they soon picked up the pace and started to recklessly weave through traffic.

At the 2:13 mark, one officer driving a Dodge Charger rams into the side of the pickup to try and perform a PIT maneuver but thanks to the sheer size of the Chevy, it proves unsuccessful. The officer then drives directly into the side of the truck but this too failed to stop it.

As the chase progresses, the driver continues to weave through traffic with the police in close pursuit. While still traveling at well over highway speeds, an officer attempts yet another PIT. It initially proves unsuccessful and the police vehicle bounces off the side of the Silverado and slams into a silver Ford driven by an innocent bystander.

The officer then continues to ram the truck, pushing it into the guardrail on the side of the highway and eventually spinning it around. All three occupants of the truck quickly surrender.

Local authorities have charged all three men with armed cocaine trafficking. During the pursuit, the trio ditched a bag of cocaine and three guns.