Alpine’s Duo Confirms “Risky” Strategy with the New A524

Feb.9 – Alpine’s driver duo admits the Renault-linked team is taking a “risky” strategy by launching a radically different Formula 1 car for 2024.

While the newly-revealed A524 car may look similarly to its middle-of-the-grid predecessor, team figures insist everything about the 2024 machine is different apart from the steering wheel.

“In the middle of the year we saw that we could not get more out of the concept,” Pierre Gasly is quoted by the Spanish sports daily Marca.

“We have gone with something totally new and risky, which may cost us at first, but with a lot of potential to unlock later,” he added.

Indeed, fellow French teammate Esteban Ocon says it only make sense to make the bold move for 2024, given that every team will only make mere evolutionary steps for 2025 ahead of the all-new car and engine regulations for 2026.

He admits Alpine might therefore still be a middle-of-the-grid team in 2024 – at least initially.

“When you bet on something new sometimes you have to first take a step back,” Ocon admitted.

“We will see when we put it on the track, but in the simulator it feels very solid. 2024 is the right year to make a move like this. In 2025 it would be too late given the upcoming change in regulations. It’s the right moment.”

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