Our Plano Body Shop Answers FAQs about Unibody Repair

Unibody construction involves integrating the frame and body into a single unit, enhancing strength, safety, and performance. However, this design also presents unique challenges when it comes to repairs, making it important to take your vehicle to a shop that specializes in this particular field. At Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, our local body shop provides top-quality unibody repair in the greater Plano, TX area. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about unibody repair.

What is a unibody structure?

Unibody, short for unitized body construction, is a design where the body and frame of a vehicle are constructed as a single unit. Unlike traditional body-on-frame structures, unibody vehicles rely on the body itself to provide structural support, resulting in a lighter and more rigid design.

What causes unibody damage?

Unibody damage often occurs during accidents. In particular, front-end or rear-end collisions are common culprits, as they can affect the structural integrity of the vehicle.

Do I have to visit a specialized shop for unibody repairs?

While some general repair shops can handle basic repairs, it’s best to seek out a specialized collision repair center with expertise in unibody construction. At Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, we are equipped with the necessary tools and trained personnel to ensure thorough and accurate unibody repairs.

Is unibody repair covered by insurance?

In many cases, yes. Insurance policies often cover the costs of collision repairs, including unibody repairs. However, the extent of coverage can vary, so it’s important to review your policy and communicate with your insurance provider.

What should I look for in a repair shop for unibody repairs?

When selecting a repair shop, consider factors such as certification, experience, and

customer reviews. Look for shops equipped with the latest technology and staffed by trained technicians who are well-versed in unibody repairs.

Where can I get expert unibody repair in  Plano, TX?

When you need

collision repair in Plano, TX

and the surrounding area, contact Hance’s Uptown Collision Center at

(469) 840-9377. At our local body shop, our technicians are highly experienced with unibody repair. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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