In Ferrari, you race for an entire country. I hope to stay at Ferrari for many years

We are now approaching the end of the year and Scuderia Ferrari has not yet announced its lineup beyond the the 2024 Formula One championship. While there is no rush for the renewal, fans cannot help but wonder about the reasons for this “delay.” According to the latest rumors, Charles Leclerc seems to have a contract on the table until 2029, while for Carlos Sainz, the matter is more delicate, as Maranello would reportedly prefer a commitment for no more than two seasons in order to evaluate other potential options for 2026.

Aware of this “preference,” the Spanish driver has tried several times to make his mark on the track, achieving decent results this year, notably being the only one on the grid to interrupt Red Bull’s winning streak with his performance at the Marina Bay street circuit in Singapore. In a recent interview with DAZN Spain, the driver was clear: his desire is to stay in Maranello and become a world champion with the Italian side.

“I am in the best position on the Formula 1 starting grid to be an F1 champion, without a doubt. Until you are in Ferrari, you don’t experience it. You practically race for an entire country. I give my all in the job, on the track, training to become a world champion and doing it with Ferrari. I am so happy at Ferrari and so happy to be part of this team that, at the moment, I don’t see an expiration date. I hope to have many years ahead of me and spend them all in red. It would please me. It’s important to me. My main motivation is to be a world champion. And if I can achieve this goal with Ferrari, even better. That’s what we have to strive for in 2024, and I think about the potential we have,” admitted the number 55 in his recent interview for DAZN Spain.

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