We Tried To Buy The 2024 Bronco For $1 But Ford’s Chat Bot Didn’t Agree

In an era where artificial intelligence is steering innovation across industries, the automotive world is no exception. Imagine interacting with an AI chatbot for car sales, designed to assist customers in their purchase journey seamlessly. Recently, Chevrolet of Watsonville found itself in the spotlight when users discovered a captivating flaw in their AI chatbot, powered by Fullpath’s Customer Data and Experience Platform featuring Chat-GPT4.

This solution takes OpenAI’s ChatGPT and tailors it specifically for the automotive sales landscape. Linked into dealership systems, it provides customers with highly specific and personalized information. The buzz began when users stumbled upon the AI chatbot not only delving into complex Python scripts but also suggesting rival vehicles like the Ford F-150. Unbeknownst to the dealership, this AI was about to embark on a wild journey.


The climax of this tech tale unfolded when a Twitter user engaged the Chevrolet of Watsonville bot in a tricky conversation that led to the AI committing to sell a 2024 Chevy Tahoe for an astonishing $1. Understandably unwilling to navigate a legal maze over such an offer, the dealership promptly bid farewell to the mischievous chatbot. We decided to try the chatbot without tricking it into answering all our questions in a certain manner and see what deals we could get.

Instead of GM, we went for Szott Ford, a Ford dealer from Holly, Michigan. We asked the chatbot to sell us a brand new 2024 Ford Bronco for $1 but the AI kindly refused. We got offered a used Bronco “that may fit your budget” and we happily agreed but the bot then apologized for the confusion and said Szott Ford has no used Broncos for $1.

Things got even more interesting when we asked about good alternatives to the Bronco. The chatbot gave us a very honest answer that “some popular options include the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota 4Runner, and Land Rover Defender.” We then asked whether the Wrangler is a better product than the Bronco, to which the AI said “the choice between the two will depend on your personal preferences and needs.”

Ford chatbot

A quick check on Fullpath’s official site reveals that dealers from different brands use the same AI technology for quick chat services with customers. In addition to Szott Ford and Chevrolet of Watsonville, the tech can be also discovered on the sites of Boch Toyota and John Elway Chevrolet. If you find any luck buying a brand new car for $1 from any of those dealers, make sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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