Tesla claims over 600 ‘solar neighborhoods’ as part of home builder program

Tesla has been partnering with major new home builders all over the US to deploy solar and Powerwalls, and it now claims to have deployed “over 600 solar neighborhoods”.

Tesla neighborhood is a term that is being used for new developments where all the homes integrate all or part of Tesla’s power ecosystem, including the Powerwall home battery pack.

The best example is a new giant development project in Austin, Texas, by Brookfield Asset Management and Dacra where up to 12,000 new homes are being built offering Tesla solar roofs and Powerwalls.

Last year, Tesla also announced a similar project in Las Vegas.

Tesla promoted its “new home builder” program today to sign up more builders:

In the release, Tesla confirmed that it has now deployed “over 600 solar neighborhoods” around the world with a total capacity of over 100 MW.

The video above highlights a new partnership with Beazer Homes, which is amajor home builder based in Atlanta, but it has projects all over the US.

As we previously reported, Tesla is looking to scale back its own solar installations and rely more on thrid-party isntallers and business-to-business channels, like this home builder program.

The company is focusing on deploying its solar inverter and Powerwalls in order to own the “brains” behind energy storage and solar system. This enables Tesla to deploy its virtual power plants and Tesla Electric products.

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