MotoE Shake-Up: New Faces, Teams Rev Up

MotoE Shake-Up: New Faces, Teams Rev Up

Get set for an overhauled MotoE season, with Felo Gresini the sole team retaining winners Alessio Finello and Matteo Ferrari.

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New teams are storming in, rosters are getting a shake-up, and some familiar faces are bidding goodbye.

Meet MT Helmets-MSi, featuring riders Oscar Gutiérrez and Miquel Pons. Pons, from LCR E-Team, joins forces with Gutiérrez, leaving Eric Granado behind. Sito Pons’ team exits, paving the way for MT Helmets-MSi’s exciting entry.

Prettl Pramac steps out, making room for Aruba. it, yet to announce its riders. Lorenzo Salvadori and Tito Rabat signed, but the team is keeping the official lineup under wraps.

In a MotoGP-like move, Trackhouse Racing takes over RNF, keeping fans on the edge as they await the roster. Tech3 E-Racing blends old and new, keeping Alessandro Zaccone and bringing in Nicholas Spinelli for Hikari Okubo.

Dynavolt Intact GP keeps Hector Garzó stable but switches it up with Lukas Tulovic for Randy Krummenacher, injecting fresh energy into the team.

SIC58 Squadra Corse retains Kevin Manfredi and introduces debutant Massimo Roccoli, saying goodbye to Kevin Zannoni. Aspar transforms with Kevin Zannoni teaming up with Jordi Torres, marking a new chapter.

María Herrera exits the Spanish team, signaling a shift in MotoE. Fans are buzzing with excitement, eager to see how these changes will spice up the MotoE World Championship. Get ready for a thrilling season with new alliances and rivalries on the electrifying track!

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