2023 Yamaha Booster Easy Electric Bike

The new 2023 Yamaha Booster Easy Electric Bike provides comprehensive mobility throughout your city thanks to its sturdy aluminum frame, wide high-grip tires, and ultra-smooth Yamaha powertrain. This elegant and pleasant eBike, which can readily traverse difficult road conditions, is one of the most influential personal transportation solutions.

A top-tier Yamaha PWseries-S2 drive unit provides instant pedal assistance, resulting in a natural riding experience. A 630Wh 36-volt Yamaha battery offers a maximum assisted speed of 25 km/h and up to 120 km range. Furthermore, owing to Yamaha Omnichannel’s simple online purchasing system, your new BOOSTER Easy eBike may be accessible with only one click! Depending on the mode of operation, a fully charged battery.

2023 Yamaha Booster Easy Electric Bike

Yamaha has a long history of inventing and manufacturing e-bikes, having developed the world’s first electrically assisted bicycle in the 1990s. Yamaha has been manufacturing e-bikes for the Japanese market for three decades. It is also a significant provider of drive units several e-bike manufacturers use.

2023 Yamaha Booster Easy Electric Bike – Features and Specs

Authentic Yamaha Accessories

BOOSTER users may personalize their eBikes with various new, specialized goods, including front and rear wholly adjustable and easily installed baskets. These side bags boost carrying capacity, new inside bags for everyday use, quality pedals, and a smartphone bar attachment system. Riders may also personalize their BOOSTER by adding colorful side covers to the diecast front frame.

Yamaha’s new electric urban mobility models, the BOOSTER Easy eBike and BOOSTER S-pedelec, will be on sale in the spring of 2023.

Yamaha has introduced two new electric models to its already broad array of class-leading Urban Mobility products: the BOOSTER Easy eBike and the BOOSTER S-pedelec electric.

2023 Yamaha Booster Easy Electric Bike

Yamaha’s recent announcements about the new NEO electric scooter, as well as the release of the Moro 07, Wabash, and Crosscore eBikes, as well as the introduction of these chic and avant-garde new BOOSTER models, highlight the company’s ongoing efforts to become a leading player in the European 2-wheel EV market.

Yamaha’s Switch ON strategy, unveiled in early 2022, signals the beginning of an exciting new era in developing and manufacturing the next generation of electric vehicles. Many commuters nowadays deliberately seek out zero-emission personal autos. Yamaha’s growing electric model selection offers a safe, trustworthy, and efficient solution for recreational, sporting, and everyday usage.

In 1993, the premium Japanese company introduced the world’s first production eBike, developed with Yamaha’s thirty years of competence in electric vehicles. Today, thirty years later, it is a pioneer in developing, designing, and producing zero-emission two-wheel electric scooters, eBikes, and pedelecs.

Furthermore, Yamaha is a significant manufacturer of the drive units that power several e-bike models manufactured by other firms. Yamaha has accelerated its efforts to become a carbon-neutral firm by 2035, in addition to being a prominent manufacturer of zero-emission automobiles that contribute to building a cleaner environment.


Yamaha’s new BOOSTER Easy e-Bike and BOOSTER S-pedelec electric were designed in Europe to meet the rising need for calm, accessible, and clean urban mobility. A few decades ago, a younger generation of motorcycle enthusiasts looking for adventure and independence on two wheels fell in love with Yamaha’s legendary BW scooter and the best-selling MBK Booster.

The new electric BOOSTER models, with a robust and classic chassis design and a class-leading Yamaha motor unit, are intended to give contemporary urbanites an accessible, entertaining, and inexpensive way to go about their towns and cities without creating emissions.

2023 Yamaha Booster Easy Electric Bike

BOOSTER Easy and BOOSTER: What’s the difference?

Yamaha’s new BOOSTER Easy and BOOSTER share numerous technical commonalities and a virtually identical look, thanks to the same lightweight chassis design. What distinguishes them is how they perform: The BOOSTER is an AM-licensed electric moped or S-pedelec with a top pedal-assisted speed of 45 km/h, while the BOOSTER Easy is an eBike with a full pedal-assisted speed of 25 km/h.

Exclusive Yamaha body components

The BOOSTER models have access to unique chassis pieces that improve the enjoyment and utility of these brand-new zero-emission vehicles’ look and feel. With Yamaha-only fork covers, a front plate cover, a front mudguard, and a Supernova headlight, the bike’s front end is meant to look sleek and unified.

Cables are hidden behind ducting for smoother lines, and chain and engine covers enhance the BOOSTERS’ outstanding artistry. Both models contain an integrated Koso LED taillight, an adjustable Royal Orbis seat, and a large rear carrier.

Comfortable and agile, perfect for urban mobility

The BOOSTER models, among the most accessible powered two-wheel versions today, represent the next wave of urban mobility. The large 20″ x 4″ tires give excellent grip on various road surfaces and provide comfort while riding across rough terrain. The adjustable seat height, in addition to the shock-absorbing high-profile tires, helps riders of all sizes to find their ideal riding position. The smooth front suspension also aids in bump absorption. This zero-emission 2-wheeler is the more innovative way to go since it includes an easy-to-access front component made of diecast aluminum, ensuring a low center of gravity and high agility while allowing for speedy entry.

2023 Yamaha Booster Easy Electric Bike

Smooth and reliable Yamaha power

Yamaha has thirty years of experience developing and manufacturing superior e-bike drive units, and the BOOSTER models include the most recent PWseries S2 motor, which is among the most advanced models in its class. The silent-running PWseries S2 drive unit is exceptionally light and tiny, weighing just 2.85 kg, and developed with the concept of “less is more.”

The PW series S2 has a torque-to-weight ratio of 75Nm, among the highest in its class. It enables the BOOSTER to accelerate smoothly and organically. This trustworthy, high-tech design has a smooth power delivery system and several industry-leading electronic control technologies for a smooth and pleasant ride. To make riding more accessible and enjoyable, Yamaha’s Zero Cadence technology provides rapid assistance as soon as pedaling input is detected, and the Automatic Support Mode provides more excellent power assistance when needed, such as when going up hills or into headwinds.

Riders may also choose the Walk Assist Mode, which makes pushing the vehicle simpler in pedestrian-only zones where riding is banned, or the Zero Mode, which completely disengages the drive unit and relies only on pedal power.

630 Wh 36V Yamaha battery

The BOOSTER Easy and BOOSTER come with a 630Wh 36V battery that promptly and reliably powers the PW series S2 drive unit. The readily detachable unit is positioned in the middle for easy access and to concentrate bulk for agile and responsive handling. If the device is removed, the battery may be charged remotely or on-site.

Performance and range

According to European eBike standards, the maximum aided speed of BOOSTER Easy is 25 km/h. Riders may choose the Zero mode for faster pedal-only downhill riding. Users may select one of five modes: +ECO, ECO, STD, HIGH, or AUTO. It enables consumers to tailor the bike to their riding style and range requirements.

The usual range with a 75kg rider is up to 120km in +ECO mode and 60 km in HIGH mode. The Yamaha drive unit’s torque ratio is 50% in +ECO mode and climbs to 280% in HIGH mode.

BOOSTER is categorized as an electric moped (L1e), and its riders must be insured and have an AM license. To fit the situation, the rider may choose between +ECO, ECO, STD, HIGH, and AUTO modes. A cyclist weighing 75 kg may go 110 kilometers in +ECO mode and up to 50 kilometers in HIGH mode.

The torque ratio provided by the Yamaha drive unit starts at 60% in +ECO mode and escalates to 400% in HIGH mode, resulting in this electric moped falling at 40 km/h and stopping before 45 km/h.

2023 Yamaha Booster Easy Electric Bike

2023 Yamaha Booster Easy Electric Bike – Technical Specifications


Total Weight 35kg
Wheel Size 20″
E-Bike Class EPAC

eBike systems

Drive Unit Yamaha PWSeries S2, 75Nm
Battery Yamaha 630 WH-Batterie, 36V, 17.5 Ah
Display/Remote Yamaha Display A LCD
Max Speed with Assist 25km/h limited – 23km/h usage


Technology Honeycomb Aluminium


Fork ZOOM CH-879 AMS 20″ – 80mm travel


Headset FSA semi-integrated
Handlebar PROMAX 750mm
Stem PROMAX 40mm
Grips SWITCH 92-130mm
Saddle SELLE ROYAL Orbis Unitech
Seatpost PROMAX 350mm
Brakes PROMAX DSK-925 – 180mm F&R Disc


Shifters ENVIOLO Twist Pure
Rear Derailleur ENVIOLO Twist Pure
Crankarm FSA ISIS 150mm Custom
Chainrings FSA 38D
Chain KMC 1v Z1eHX Narrow (1/2″ X 3/32″)
Cassette KMC Enviolo Narrow 16T (1/2″ X 3/32″)


Wheels GIPIEMME 20″
Tires VEE TIRE eSpeedster 20*4.00

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