This BMW 3 Series Goes the Distance, Even After 425,000 miles

In the world of automobiles, stories of enduring longevity and unwavering reliability are not only rare but also captivating. One such tale unfolds with Robert Cibiras and his 2011 BMW 328i, which came out of our new inventory over 12 years ago. Today, it stands as a testament to the exceptional quality and care that can transform a car into a lasting companion on the roads of life.

Purchased brand new in December 2011 from the dealership, this BMW 328i now proudly boasts an astonishing 425,259 miles on its odometer. The owner, a resident of Pensacola, has consistently logged approximately 3,000 miles per month, turning routine drives into a remarkable journey of endurance. What makes this story truly remarkable is that, at first glance, the vehicle appears as pristine as if it had only traveled a fraction of its impressive mileage.

The key to this incredible feat lies not just in the car’s engineering but in the owner’s unwavering commitment to meticulous maintenance wit hour team at BMW of Birmingham. Astonishingly, the 2011 BMW 328i is still equipped with its original engine and clutch, a testament to the enduring quality of BMW craftsmanship. The owner attributes this remarkable longevity to religiously adhering to BMW’s service protocols, and his commitment has paid off in spades.

Living in Pensacola, the owner has not only clocked significant miles but has also consistently relied on BMW service at our Alabama dealership. His sentiment echoes the notion that, for him, there’s simply no substitute for the level of care and expertise provided by our BMW service team.

While such stories may not always find their way into mainstream automotive discussions, the owner of this 2011 BMW 328i undoubtedly deserves credit and recognition. His commitment to maintaining and servicing his vehicle has not only defied expectations but has also created a noteworthy narrative of enduring quality and exceptional care in the world of automotive longevity. If you want your BMW to go the distance like Robert’s, you can schedule service with our expert BMW team at BMW of Birmingham today!

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