“I didn’t discover him” – ex-director of Ferrari Driver Academy on launching Charles Leclerc

There are several key figures behind the numerous successes achieved by the Ferrari Driver Academy in recent years. Among them is certainly Massimo Rivola, who in 2009 managed to sign Charles Leclerc.

During the celebration for the forty years since the foundation of Prema, the Italian motorsport official and the sports director for Aprilia in MotoGP, spoke about the moment when he signed the Monegasque talent.

“I didn’t discover Charles Leclerc. It was done by a person who is no longer with us today, and his name was Jules Bianchi,” admitted Massimo Rivola. “Charles is one of those drivers who, when needed, can bring out that something extra. It’s hard to explain. It’s a mix of hunger and talent that few have.” – he pointed out.

So, there is the figure of Jules Bianchi behind the love story between Charles Leclerc and motorsport. A love story that began many years ago and is destined to continue with the much-anticipated announcement of the renewal with the Maranello team. It seems that the announcement of the new contract for the Monegasque driver by Scuderia Ferrari is now only a matter of weeks, as confirmed by Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur in a recent interview for the Italian media.

Furthermore, according to what has been stated by several insiders, one of the seats would have been Jules’s sooner or later. The Frenchman would be just over thirty-four years old today, and perhaps alongside him in Ferrari could have been precisely that Charles Leclerc whom he discovered.

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