What You’ll Love About the All-New 2020 BMW X3 M


SUVs don’t need to be boring and the 2020 BMW X3 M proves that to you. There are many reasons that you should be getting behind the wheel, but the most important of them is the exciting performance that this SUV can provide. All it will take is one short test drive for you to see that this is the model that you will want in your life.


A Dynamic Experience from the Driver’s Seat

There is a 3.0-liter BMW M TwinPower Turbocharged engine to give you up to 437 horsepower, which can be further upgraded to have up to 503 horsepower. Both engine options have an M-Specific M Sport Automatic Transmission equipped, making for a smooth and controlled experience for any road or highway that you are driving.

The 2020 BMW X3 M comes equipped with xDrive all-wheel drive as standard, making for the best traction and control no matter where you will go. You will be able to drive through snow or rain with the best possible grip on the road, making for a more enjoyable experience no matter where you plan on going.


Visit Our Dealership to Schedule a Test Drive

The only way that you can truly see what the 2020 BMW X3 M can do is to be behind the wheel, and our experts are excited to schedule you for that test drive. There is no feeling that equals being pressed back into your seat while you are accelerating down the highway in the 2020 BMW X3 M, and we are here to make sure you can experience just that. We encourage you to visit our dealership soon so that you can see everything else that is inside this SUV.

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