The BMW Z4 Manual is Real and it’s Coming Next Year

The rumors have been proven true. BMW is building a manual version of the Z4 M40i that will go into production in Q1 of next year. After seeing Toyota’s success with the Supra in manual form, BMW is joining the party and bringing some old school connectivity to its open top roadster.

z4 manual

The Z4 M40i’s manual is the same transmission found in the Toyota GR Supra but has some tweaks made to its linkages and bushings. The transmission is a 6 speed Getrag unit similar to the one found in the M2, M3 and M4. It’s also going to be the only non M car in BMW’s line-up with a manual on offer.

z4 manual

The manual will be part of a larger performance package that has yet to be finalized. But rest assured you will pay for the honor of rowing your own gears. Luckily BMW is not calling this a limited option and intends to make as many as buyers want.

However a word of warning. Given production timing, there’s a chance that the Z4 manual might just be the last one standing as the M2 goes out of production likely just before the Z4.

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