2024 Suzuki GSX250R Preview | Motorcyclist

The fully faired, quarter-liter sportbike scores points for its aggressive styling, but if you’re expecting track-shredding performance worthy of the GSX prefix, you might be a little disappointed; the tried-and true 248cc parallel-twin engine is better known for its mellow powerband and good for only a claimed 25 hp. That said, it’s a good fit for newbies just looking to get a feel for power management on the track, with a low seat height, slim fuel tank, and overall light weight also adding to the wee Suzook’s appealing nature. Ten-spoke aluminum wheels, anti-lock brakes (ABS), and a tuned KYB fork keep the bike responsive for city streets as well as the open road, though front suspension is of the basic, nonadjustable variety; the rear monoshock is preload adjustable. With a 4-gallon fuel tank and highly efficient powerplant, the 2024 GSX250R ABS could be seen as one of the more practical choices in the entry-level sportbike market.

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