BA Auto Care | Cooling Systems on Hybrid-Electric Cars: What You Need to Know

By Brian England

What is a Hybrid Inverter Coolant Service? Hybrid drive vehicles must store that electricity in a direct current (DC) battery. Since the hybrid drive motor uses alternating current (AC), the hybrid inverter must be used to change DC power to AC power. This process creates a large amount of heat in the inverter as current is changed from DC to AC, so a cooling system must be used. This is much like the cooling system on an engine. In general, regular maintenance of draining and filling this system is enough unless the coolant is very dirty or contaminated in some way. 

Electric Car Battery Cooling Systems. Electric cars have more complex cooling systems, or at times they could be called heating systems because when the weather becomes extremely cold the monitoring electronics activates a system that keeps the battery warm.  The proper electric vehicle coolant will ensure that your EV’s battery is protected. Although some manufacturers say that the fluid should last the life of the vehicle, verifying the coolant’s condition as part of routine maintenance is important. An electric vehicle’s coolant is its main defense against premature battery degradation. It’s also important to check the system for leaks and that it’s functioning correctly.

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