Max Verstappen labelled “a risk” as he shares unimpressed view of A-list celebrities

The three-time F1 champion, who dominated the sport this year, has never hid his dim view of the glitz and the glamour that has increasingly become a part of race weekends.

Verstappen initially refused to partake in Netflix’s ‘Drive To Survive’, such was his wish to remain out of the limelight.

And even as Brad Pitt and the Lewis Hamilton-produced F1 film came to Silverstone earlier this year, Verstappen admitted “I can’t be bothered”.

Verstappen has now told TIME: “I have no desire to be able to hang out with famous movie stars.”

He said about the Netflix show which gave F1 a new fan-base: “I don’t need to watch it because I know what happens.

“I’m also not very interested to hear from our neighbors how they saw their season.

“I know my side of the story. For me, that’s enough.” 

Verstappen also noted his weariness at increased marketing responsibilities, and how they make effect his longevity as a driver: “I would just keep in mind that the actual sport comes first, instead of the show.

“That, for me, is very important, and that eventually will also decide if I stay or not.” 

Helmut Marko admitted Red Bull must be wary of overloading Verstappen: “He doesn’t like doing it.

“I want to have a relaxed and happy Max. Maybe some less sponsors.”

That attitude led Barton Crockett, senior research analyst for Rosenblatt Securities who covers F1 owners Liberty Media, to say: “As great as Verstappen is, right now he looks like the biggest risk to the business.”

F1 has targeted the USA ever since Liberty Media took over.

The American owners posted $2.57 billion in revenue in 2022, a 44% increase from 2017.

The F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix was another major step to embracing interest from the USA.

But, the best driver in the sport currently has little interest in the celebrity aspect of F1.

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