Qabil Irfan: A Rising Star’s MotoGP Dream

Qabil Irfan: A Rising Star’s MotoGP Dream

Qabil Irfan Azlan, the 11-year-old sensation and 2023 MiniGP World Series champion, expressed joy meeting MotoGP champion Francesco Bagnaia.

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“I’m very happy to have the chance to ask them questions. Qabil, aspiring to emulate his MotoGP idol, expressed, “InshaAllah, I want to be like Pecco,” referring to Francesco Bagnaia’s popular nickname.

At KLIA, Qabil, with three 160cc podiums, eagerly eyes a new category for the upcoming year, fueled by continued enthusiasm.

“I’ll race in the 190cc category next year at 12, eyeing more victories after earning medals, trophies, gear, and Ovale machine.”

Inspired by Valentino Rossi, Qabil plans to move up a class next year, dedicated to enhancing his training efforts.

Meanwhile, Qabil’s father, Azlan Abdul Rahman, acknowledged that his son’s victory resonates beyond personal achievement—it’s a win for the people of Malaysia.

“Many Malaysians have been praying for Qabil’s success, so I am very grateful to friends who came here to support and celebrate with us,” expressed Azlan.

Despite the joyous occasion, Azlan remains cautious about elevating his son too high too soon. “Don’t praise him too much; let’s maintain our performance as usual. I don’t want my son to be praised too highly because that can be detrimental, in my opinion.”

Azlan pledged to guide Qabil in the 190cc shift, recognizing ZK Racing’s pivotal role in his son’s journey. “Regarding the switch to the 190cc class, I will try my best to guide him. Without ZK Racing, he wouldn’t be where he is today,” affirmed Azlan.

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