Be Prepared With Flemington BMW’s Guide For Blown Out Tires | Flemington, NJ

Summer is the season for road trips and escaping to your adventure, but you never expect something awful to happen. In fact, when it comes to a blown out tire most drivers are not expecting it. For many drivers, there is nothing more frightening or potentially dangerous than a tire blowout. The stats do not lie, and tire blowouts and flats result in nearly 11,000 collisions a year! Even with new up and coming advanced technology tire blowouts are still a dangerous issue car drivers face. Don’t think that this will become an everyday issue you will face, it is actually rare, but that doesn’t mean it cannot happen to you and if it does happen it can take about a ¼ second before your ride suddenly becomes a struggle to avoid an auto accident. So let’s stay ahead of it and get some knowledge about tire blowouts and how to prevent them! And if you’re looking to switch out your tires for a brand new set, schedule your service appointment at Flemington BMW today!

Flemington BMW’s Guide To Blown Out Tires:

What does a tire blowout feel like?

  • The first thing you will feel is the vehicle slow down
  • Then you will feel the car have a strong pull to either the left or right side, depending on which tire blew.
  • If its the front tire you will feel the force in the steering wheel
  • If it was a rear blow out you will feel it more in the seat or body of the car
  • You will react the same in both situations

How to prevent a blowout:

  • Blowout season is usually during the months from May-October when the road is the hottest. 
  • Make sure your vehicle’s tires are at proper PSI.
  • Check your tires for tread wear and cracks and low leaks.
  • Keep your load light, within your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

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