Toyota And Tesla Team Up…Kind Of – Peruzzi Toyota Blog

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), there’s also the growing trend of something called “range anxiety.” This means worrying about how far you can go before needing a recharge. Where’s the nearest charging station? How long will it take to top off the battery? Well, Peruzzi Toyota in Hatfield, PA has some great news for folks interested in switching over to an EV.

Toyota has announced that it will be adopting the Tesla charging port for its hybrids and EVs, beginning with 2025 models. As more charging stations sprout up across the country, this move by Toyota opens up many more options for EV customers, and provides greater peace of mind, knowing they can pull up to a Tesla station whenever a charge is needed.

Toyota is all-in on developing a full range of EV options, from plug-in hybrids to completely battery-run vehicles. However, one more thing that you should know are the three different methods of charging.

The first is Basic Charging (aka “Level 1”), where you plug in to a 120-volt power source using a three-prong outlet. This requires anywhere from 40-50 hours to fully charge the battery.

Next is a “Level 2” charge requiring a 240-volt source. This is most common, but if you want one at home, it does require installation by a licensed electrician (which can be pricey). However, the charge is speedier (4-10 hours). You’ll find this charging option mostly at workplaces and other public spots.

Finally, there’s the fastest charger which is “Level 3.” These are the ones you find at those ever-present Tesla stations. Starting with 2025 models, Toyota EV owners will be able to take advantage of them via the Tesla Connector and be fully charged up in just 20 minutest to an hour.

Peruzzi Toyota in Hatfield sees this as great news for the EV movement, and even better news for our planet!

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