Alfa Romeo teases ‘a new era’ with Tonale taillights

The Italians from Turin opened their Facebook page to put the world on alert that “a new era begins with Alfa Romeo,” and they did so using Alfa Romeo Tonale taillights. The leading guess as to what this might portend is a battery-electric Tonale. Such a vehicle is possible, but there are questions. Brand product chief Daniel Guzzafame admitted it was “technically possible,” and we’re expecting an EV from Alfa next year; however, that’s meant to be the Italian version of the Jeep Avenger EV sold in Europe. FCA Italy runs the Facebook page in question, and the page contains plenty of Europe-specific content, so perhaps this teaser isn’t meant for us in the U.S. Or perhaps the new EV gets Tonale taillights. Or perhaps some market will see a Tonale EV soon. 

Another guess is that engineers have created an enhanced Tonale variant to put the Dodge Hornet in the dust. Alfa Romeo was said to be less than pleased about Dodge borrowing the Tonale and launching its Hornet first, then showing a Hornet GLH (Go Like Hell) concept with more than 300 horsepower compared to the Tonale PHEV’s 285 hp. So what if there’s a Quadrifoglio PHEV headed to market, marking the first time the go-fast division would have put four leaves on a hybrid powertrain?

CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato said that after the Tonale launch, “we have one big product event every year for five years.” This year was the 33 Stradale, next year comes something, and in 2025, “a full EV super-performing car.” After that, every Alfa Romeo will be battery-electric, and Quadrifoglio trims make the jump. Imparato said there’d only be a Quadrifoglio variant of the current version if engineers could unlock “the highest level of performance.” A four-leafed Tonale could break the seal on the future of performance Alfas, and be among the department’s last ICE-powered hurrahs.

All shots in the dark, though. Now that the tease campaign has begun, the next clue won’t be far away.

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