Sports politics certainly matter in Formula 1

Last Sunday, the first Grand Prix in Las Vegas in forty years took place, and despite the exciting race, the weekend didn’t start in the best way due to an incident involving Scuderia Ferrari Spanish driver Carlos Sainz. Because of a poorly secured manhole cover, he had to face a grid penalty for replacing engine parts after the cover on the road surface destroyed the entire underbody of his SF-23.

Interviewed by Italian daily newspaper Corriere Della Sera, former Formula 1 driver for Ferrari, Jean Alesi, shared his opinion on what happened to the Spanish driver and the entire Maranello team. Here are some of his most important comments.

Jean Alesi’s opinion

Jean Alesi began his statement by saying: “An entertaining race that allowed all enthusiasts to rediscover genuine motoring pleasure. Therefore, it would be really desirable and urgent to deal with greater technical balance at the top. I hope this happens next year with some team capable of recovering the disadvantage from Red Bull.” – the Frenchman explained.

Speaking about the race in Las Vegas, the former Formula 1 driver added: “Ferrari seized a favorable opportunity but once again suffered the decisions of the Federation that unfairly penalized Carlos Sainz. As a longtime fan of the Prancing Horse, I would like the weight and value of the team to be protected with a much different decision, as was the case in the past when, faced with an injustice, voices were raised in protest.” – he continued.

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The former Ferrari F1 driver concluded by stating, “Sports politics certainly matter in Formula 1. However, I believe it is essential to strongly assert one’s reasons to better protect a principle and a long tradition.”

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