Carlos Sainz proposes key change

In Las Vegas, the temperatures did not turn out as detrimental as feared, but they still caused some serious difficulties. Scuderia Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz has highlighted a significant problem, calling for a change in the F1 Safety Car.

The current F1 Safety Cars need to be faster: this request comes directly from Carlos Sainz. The Spanish driver from the Maranello team pointed out the issue after the Las Vegas weekend.

During the 2023 season, F1 used two models of Safety Cars. On one side, the more powerful Mercedes AMG GT Black Series with its 730 horsepower; on the other side, the Aston Martin Vantage with 510 horsepower. The latter was also further modified to give it an additional aerodynamic load of about 60 kg.

The cars used are anything but “weak,” but for Carlos Sainz, the current performance of the Safety Car is not sufficient. During the safety car period, tire temperatures plummeted, and the restart in Las Vegas proved to be dramatic.

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“At the restart after the Safety Car in turn 1, it felt like driving on ice,” admitted the Spaniard. “We need to find a solution to make the Safety Car a bit faster in certain situations.”

The courage of an Formula 1 driver is undoubtedly exceptional, but the uncertainty at the restart was decisive. “I can’t even explain to you what it feels like to go at 340 km/h knowing that the car won’t stop when braking.” – Carlos Sainz concluded.

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