Falls on road with child

India is a country where the majority of people still rely on two-wheelers for commuting. This trend isn’t unique to India; many neighboring countries follow a similar pattern. The primary reason for preferring two-wheelers is their lower purchase cost and cheaper maintenance compared to cars. However, one critical oversight among two-wheeler riders in Southeast Asia is their attire. Often, they wear clothes unsuitable for riding, leading to accidents. Here’s a video illustrating a woman rider’s clothing getting entangled in a motorcycle’s rear wheel.

The video was shared by the Cyberabad traffic police on their YouTube channel. It seems to have been recorded from a vehicle following the biker. The precise location of the accident isn’t known, but it appears to be somewhere in Pakistan. The video shows a biker with a woman on the pillion seat, and the recording car is trailing closely behind. The woman on the pillion seat was wearing a long piece of cloth that extended over the seat, improperly folded and hanging down.

She might have been careless or unable to manage it properly due to holding a child in front of her. Neither the rider nor the pillion passenger was wearing a helmet. The extended cloth hanging from the bike got caught in the rear wheel as it moved forward. The woman didn’t have enough time to retrieve or pull it back before losing balance and falling onto the road.

The biker was unaware of the situation and lost balance too. The child fell onto the road along with the woman. Fortunately, the car behind the bike maintained a safe distance and the driver slowed down in time. Miraculously, the individuals on the bike and the child escaped the fall with minor injuries as they were not wearing helmets, which could have escalated the situation.

Woman pillion rider’s clothes get caught in motorcycle’s wheel: Falls on road with child [Video]
woman falls on the road from bike

The Cyberabad traffic police shared the video to raise awareness among two-wheeler riders. They emphasized the importance of carefully folding clothes and selecting appropriate attire for riding. Riders should ensure no loose ends hang from their bike or scooter before setting off. They advised against wearing traditional Indian dresses with dupattas or scarves while riding. If worn, such items should be secured tightly to avoid getting caught in the wheels. The family in the video was incredibly fortunate to have escaped without major injuries. Additionally, wearing a helmet is crucial to protect against head injuries in accidents.

This is not the first time an incident like this has happened. Even in India, many people have found themselves in this situation. In this case, the rider and the family was extremely lucky that the vehicle behind them did not crash into their bike and injuring them. This is why it is recommended to ride a two-wheeler with proper gear that does not interfere while riding. Riding pants, helmets, knee and elbow pads, boots are all part of the riding gear. A riding helmet which is missing in this case is the least possible amount of protection that one can have while riding a bike.

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