A Redleg’s Rides : Quartzsite Activities

Mostly we just relaxed at the campsite the last day or so, enjoying the site’s distance from nearest camping rigs.  We did discover we’d missed a car camper closer than the previously mentioned Class A rigs but he proved no bother.

Saturday, I rode Yagi for about a 31 mile round trip to check out how close I could get to a nice rock formation within the Kofa NWR.  I got actually pretty close but decided to turn back due to a lot of reckless OHV traffic and the dust thrown up as they raced about the area.

The spiky rock formation in the background was the goal

Sunday, Martha and I took the Honda CR-V into Quartzsite to have a look around.  We visited the Hi Jolly Monument:

Photo by Martha with more details about Hi Jolly

After the above, we went to peruse the books at the Reader’s Oasis, home of the Naked Bookseller.  Yep, the owner tended to the store clad in nothing but a crochet g-string.  He passed away in 2019 however, so we didn’t get to meet the guy.

Martha had started experiencing some eye irritation at the Hi Jolly Monument and it go progressively worse at the bookstore.  We returned to camp and I would end up returning to town and hunting about for a drugstore.  Finally found the stuff Martha wanted at the Dollar General of all places!

Martha is now doing much better thankfully.  However, in search of better stuff, we’re displacing tomorrow to Yuma (actually the sand dunes area in nearby California).  The plan is to get better eye stuff and check out the Yuma Territorial Prison Museum and perhaps even a short day trip into Algodones, Mexico.

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