Road rage incidents occur across the globe every day but rarely do they go so far as to be newsworthy. In this case, two drivers evidently decided that putting their own egos aside wasn’t acceptable. Video appears to show one intentionally pitting the other before both ended up on the side of the road waiting for authorities.

Originally posted to YouTube on October 12th, the incident itself appears to take place on the 5th of the same month. That’s the date embedded in the dashcam footage that shows us a short clip of driving in Clarksville, TN. In the video we see the camera car accelerating in lane two before moving over into lane one close behind a Ford F-150.

Somewhat inexplicably, they soon slow down and we see a Hyundai pass on the right before a green/yellow Chevrolet Spark comes up next to them as well. Unlike the Hyundai that breezes by, the Spark appears to be much closer to the camera car. It then looks like the Spark tries to merge into lane one while keeping in close quarters. That’s when things go sideways… literally.

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The camera car driver speeds up and begins to cut off the Spark. It’s too late though as the two cars come into contact. The spark spins counterclockwise hard. It ends up avoiding a tree in the median and finishes a full 360-degree spin. Both cars pull over and there’s no telling what happened next since the video cuts off.

TireMeetsRoad spotted this incident over on Reddit and they rightly point out that commenters believe the whole thing started before the video began. By the looks of it, it’s certainly plausible that these two vehicles were attempting to muscle one another out of different spots on the road and this was the result.

We’ve reached out to the original video uploader for more information and will update this post if we learn more. If anything this video confirms what many of us already know. The safest place on the road is way up ahead of the yahoos back in traffic pulling off dumb moves like these.

GIF Carolyn Will