Touring the Yuma Territorial Prison State Park

Martha and I spent most of the morning touring the museum and former Yuma Territorial Prison.  Unlike some of the other prisons we’ve toured, this one had been restored to pretty good shape; though not as complete as when it was an operational prison.

Archival photo of the prison, located near the crossing

across the Colorado River into Yuma

The emplacement of this gatling type gun seemed a bit excessive to me but then again, it was different times.  I bet the sight of it quelled some inclinations to riot by the prisoners?

After the museum displays we wandered about the remaining/restored structures that included the main cell blocks:

Six to a cell, cozy….

main cell block

the walls were constructed using prison


the infirmary

Female prison cell example

A pretty good museum and display.  It’s worth allocating a couple of hours to it if you’re in the Yuma, AZ area.

Afterwards, we had lunch at “El Charro” Mexican Restaurant, pretty good food.  Glad we got there as they opened, the place was quite busy during the ensuing lunch hour!

Some chores later, we returned to the campsite to rest away the rest of the afternoon.

Nature favored us with another nice sunset:

Enjoying a cocktail with the sunset on

a warm evening….not too shabby.

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