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Written by Christian Lowe. Posted in Gear

Stuffing a puffy layer under a typical adventure riding suit might keep you warm, but it leaves you looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy. That might be fine for some riders, but many of us prefer an understated look and the option of layering for the elements, while still being armored.

For a few years now, Adventure Spec, a small British company, has been producing protective gear that’s practical yet presentable in more casual environments. Recently, they’ve developed the Supershirt, a novel product that takes this idea to a new level.

Built with a blend of ultra high-density polyethylene on its outer layer, the Supershirt is a next-to-skin abrasion-resistant top that includes chest, elbow, and shoulder armor for a full CE Level AA protection rating for both impact and slides. The polyethylene material is similar to that used in lightweight body armor plates for the military and is blended with stretchy nylon to help the Supershirt form-fit the rider. The design allows it to be worn under a rider’s choice of outer layer—whether it’s a down jacket, fleece vest, or just a T-shirt.

Adventure Spec Super Shirt Review zip

The Supershirt is form-fitting but also flexible. It has a unique diagonal zipper that keeps the annoying pull-tab away from the rider’s chin and comes with Forcefield Level 2 back, shoulder, and elbow armor as well as a Forcefield Level 1 chest protector. The cuffs feature a thumb loop to reduce protection gaps in the wrist in case of a fall. The entire shirt is generously cut in a length that allows it to be tucked into riding pants.

The Supershirt is so versatile that it works in almost any type of weather and situation. Put it on and throw a puffy jacket over it to ward off the morning chill, or take a break and stash the down layer for a riding jersey when the temps climb—the Supershirt is still there keeping your upper body protected. With the Supershirt, you can blend in anywhere because your armor is close to the skin. Well, almost….

One of the main issues with the Supershirt is the Forcefield armor itself is pretty bulky. If you’re trying to don a form-fitting top over the Supershirt, be ready to look like a pumped-up weightlifter. It may be worth looking into retrofitting some lower-profile armor to slip in there if your needs require a slimmer look. And while the diagonal zipper is a nice feature as it prevents yanking on a man’s whiskers, the zipper’s angle may be an issue over long-term usage. Lastly, don’t use the Supershirt for high-tempo singletrack riding unless you want to drown in sweat. That polyethylene material doesn’t breathe all that well when you’re tearing up the dirt.

Despite its minor (and entirely justifiable) drawbacks, the Supershirt is a really good option for ADV enthusiasts who want versatility and protection so they can sport whatever look the ride calls for.

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MSRP: $385


  • All the protection you need in a single, next-to-skin layer
  • Adaptability for a wide variety of riding styles and insulating options
  • Well-thought-out design


  • The Supershirt can get a little hot when the ride is high-stress
  • Unclear how well the angled zipper will stand up over time
  • The included armor is very bulky

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