Stage 2 Tune, New Exhaust, Snorkel And More

The Maruti Suzuki Jimny was launched in the market earlier this year. It is currently the only 4×4 SUV sold by Maruti in India. The 5-door SUV was specifically developed for the Indian market, as it is a lot more practical compared to the regular 3-door version. Since its launch, we have seen videos and images of various Jimny modifications on the internet. Some of them have even been featured on our website. Here, we have a video of a Maruti Suzuki Jimny from Chennai where the customer has opted for modifications worth Rs 15 lakh.

The video was uploaded by Madarasi vlogs on their YouTube channel. In this video, the car owner speaks to the vlogger about all the customizations made to the SUV. He mentions that he has seen several modified Jimnys in the past and wanted his SUV to look different from the others. He mentioned that before buying the Jimny, he took a test drive of the Mahindra Thar and was not impressed.

The reason for that was because he wanted a small 4×4 that is extremely lightweight and practical. The Thar, with its 3-door format, never made sense to the customer. He bought the SUV and got work done on the engine. According to the video, the customer has done a Stage 2 tune, installed a full exhaust system, a BMC cold air intake, and added a snorkel to the SUV. He also installed hydraulic struts to easily lift the bonnet. Additionally, the bonnet and other body panels have been insulated for better sound quality.

The car features an aftermarket front grille with marker lamps. The original headlamps have also been replaced with aftermarket projector units featuring LED DRLs. The bumper remains stock, but the original fog lamps have been replaced as well. Moving to the side, the owner has installed 15-inch Mud Terrain tires with off-road spec steel rims. The stock suspension of this Jimny has been replaced with an Ironman 4×4 Suspension unit, helping increase the overall ground clearance of the vehicle.

Maruti Jimny owner modifies his SUV with Rs. 15 lakh worth of parts [Video]
Jimny with Rs 15 lakh modifications

At the rear, the owner installed a ladder on the tailgate and opted for G-Wagen style aftermarket LED tail lamps. The owner has prepared this car for off-road adventures on the outside. The cabin has been completely customized too. The all-black cabin of the car has been customized in an Olive Green shade. The owner opted for a combination of Olive Green and Alcantara material in the cabin. The owner really likes such colors and textures, which are reflected in the cabin’s design. The dashboard, door pads, steering wheel, and seat covers have all been customized in this manner.

The owner also upgraded the speaker system in this SUV. They got a sub-woofer installed in the boot, and the original touchscreen infotainment system from Maruti has been replaced with an aftermarket unit. The owner mentions in the video that he is happy with the overall performance and has spent around Rs 4 lakh on the engine mods and Rs 4 lakh on the interiors. The rest of the amount was spent on other modifications on the SUV. The finished product looks quite different from the Jimny SUVs that we have seen on the internet so far.

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