No more Nissan V8s as Armada moves to twin-turbo V6 power

We all knew the shift to electrification would have some side effects, but the trickle of news around beloved models and powertrains being discontinued is likely stressful to some enthusiasts. So, while Nissan’s V8s aren’t the stuff of performance legend and don’t elicit the same hushed reverence as some of history’s other well-known engines, the recent news that the automaker was discontinuing them isn’t particularly welcome.

Australian outlet Drive reported on statements made by Nissan’s Global Head of Product Strategy and Planning, Ivan Spinosa. He confirmed that the Patrol SUV (sold here as the Armada) would drop the V8 engine in favor of a twin-turbo V6, a move similar to the changes Toyota made with its SUVs and full-size Tundra pickup in recent redesigns.

Spinosa is confident that buyers won’t miss the V8, saying, “I think the customers, the moment they drive a twin-turbo V6, they discover a new universe. The capability, the performance, the acceleration, the power delivery – the customer will smile, I’m sure of it. It will outshine the V8 in all those metrics.” We’re not sure people will be that excited about the V6, but it’s likely true that it will match and exceed the V8’s specs in many areas.

While the switch to a smaller engine configuration hasn’t always yielded the most significant gains in fuel economy – see the Toyota Highlander’s recent move from a V6 to a turbo-four for evidence – a new V6 would be lighter than the outgoing V8, which could improve the SUV’s handling and driving dynamics. It will also likely save fuel, but the upside may not be as steep as expected.

Nissan has already confirmed that the Titan will be discontinued after the 2024 model year, so the Armada’s move away from the V8 marks the end of eight-cylinder powertrains for the automaker here in the United States. It has been slow to electrify, so we probably won’t see an Armada EV anytime soon. Spinosa confirmed that, saying that the automaker isn’t in a rush to electrify just for the sake of doing it.

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