Verstappen would like to own F1 ‘in an ideal world’

Max Verstappen says that “in an ideal world”, he would like to own Formula 1 to run the sport as he sees fit, meaning with less regulations and politics.

Verstappen’s extraordinary record-beating 2023 campaign that delivered to the Dutchman his third F1 world title and to Red Bull’s its sixth Constructors’ crown, and which isn’t over, will be hard to surpass in the future.

And indeed, many hope it won’t, as relentless supremacy tends to erode the fans’ interest over time.

While he enjoys his life in the fast lane and standing at the top of F1’s pyramid, Verstappen is often critical of some of the sporting elements of Grand Prix racing, such as track limitations or F1’s sprint events that he would like to see binned by the powers in charge.

He also laments the political inertia that often weighs on the sport and which he believes hinders change.

“I think it just sometimes has too many rules that they have to take into account and too many politics as well to make a change or decision,” he said.

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Verstappen wouldn’t mind engaging more with F1 to help solve current problems or steer the sport into future.

But rather than suggesting ideas or debating issues on a personal level, he would prefer to see the Grand Prix Drivers Association – currently chaired by former F1 driver Alex Wurz – gain more traction and become a party at the table of discussions.


“Of course I would like to, as the GPDA, have a say,” he said. “I would like to be the owner of F1 if I could, but that’s not the real world.

“We keep expressing our concerns, but also what has been done correctly, and we keep that dialogue open.

“We try to always make them [F1] listen, and we listen as well, we try to communicate and we’ll see what comes out of it in the coming years.”

Verstappen’s Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez, who is on the verge of completing his 13th season in F1, agrees that the GPDA should carry more weight.

“I think it would be nicer if the GPDA could have a little bit more influence, because the GPDA is not just a single driver,” commented the Mexican.

“It’s the board, it’s the majority of all of us that are living the sport, and it would be nice to see in the near future that they will consider more the opinion of the GPDA as an association.”

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