Behind the scenes of The 1971 Kitchen Grand Brie

When classic motor racing movies come to mind your first thoughts might be of Le Mans with Steve McQueen or Grand Prix with James Garner. Now you can add ‘The 1971 Kitchen Grand Brie’ with Armando Fettucini, written, directed, and produced by the creative mind of Ian Beckman. The Southern California-based stop-motion artist grew up around motorsports and has cleverly created the greatest grand prix race to ever hit a Mid-Century Modern formica floor.

Director’s Synopsis: The Kitchen Grand Brie is only the greatest race in the whole household and your favorite foods are the contestants. And when Armando Fettucini, the most beloved and hated delicacy on the grid is on the verge of winning a fifth time to take control of the life-giving fridge, the other dishes take unprecedented action to stop him and accidentally set off a chain of events that changes the Grand Brie forever. Our challengers include Armando Fettucini, the greatest pasta to have ever raced; Ernie Getränk, a can of energy drink who is ready to pop; Sofia Dulche, a tough-as-nails dessert who has everything to prove; and Marc Patate, a poutine newcomer to the grid who is just happy to be there. Although beloved by fans, Armando Fettucini has made questionable moves on the track. The other racers conspire against him by taking advantage of controversial racing tactics. This is their side of the story…

Movie Trailer:

The 1971 Kitchen Grand Brie is 11 minutes in length and is filled with nostalgic 70s era eye-candy. From the playfully period correct Formula One cars to the amazing furniture-lined racecourse. Ian’s film is more than just a race, it’s packed with drama! The classic battle between good versus evil. Without giving too much away, you need to see it for yourself. So where can one view this culinary motorsport masterpiece? You ask. It’s currently making the rounds at film festivals across the United States. It recently was on view at the Newport Beach Film Festival here in Southern California and its next stop will be on the east coast at the Grand Motoring Film Festival in South Carolina at Hilton Head starting November 3rd. Ian also mentioned it will be available online in the near future.

More information can be found at the film’s website HERE.

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