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Three Benefits of Getting OEM Parts for Your BMW Dealership

To take good care of your BMW, you should always use the highest quality parts for your vehicle repairs. The best parts for your repairs and replacements are OEM parts, which you can usually order from your BMW dealer. But why are OEM BMW parts better than aftermarket or generic parts?

1. Performance

Every component of your BMW is designed to maximize the overall performance of the vehicle, so when it comes to repairing or replacing parts, it’s best to choose parts that can meet these performance standards. Only genuine BMW parts and OEM BMW parts are engineered to match the performance demands of BMW vehicles.

2. Longevity

OEM BMW parts use high-quality materials that will last much longer than aftermarket parts. Longevity is a benefit since this means you won’t need to make the same repair every few months. While aftermarket parts are generally cheaper, they are also made with cheaper materials that will not last as long, since these parts are not designed with BMW’s performance in mind. 

3. Warranty

When you use original equipment manufacturer parts, you also get the benefit of warranty protection. OEM BMW parts are guaranteed by the manufacturer, which means these parts can be replaced in the case of manufacturer defects. The warranty on your vehicle is also compatible with OEM BMW parts, especially when you have these parts installed by a certified BMW mechanic at an authorized dealership. In other words, installing original equipment manufacturer parts won’t void your BMW warranty. 

How Can You Order Parts At Your BMW Dealer?

To order parts from your dealership, you can use an online order form. Using the online order form is best when you know the exact parts your BMW needs. If you aren’t sure what parts you need for your repairs, you should schedule a service appointment at the dealership so a mechanic can diagnose your vehicle issues and make necessary repairs.

The online order form will require some information about your vehicle to ensure the parts you order are appropriate for your specific model. This information includes the year your car was made, the BMW model, the trim level, and the VIN number. If you know the parts you need, you can include them on your order form. You will also need to provide personal contact information so your dealership can notify you when your parts arrive. 

Repairing your BMW with OEM BMW parts is the best way to ensure your vehicle has long-lasting repairs. When you use OEM BMW parts for your repairs, you can get the benefit of warranty protection. To order your parts, get in touch with Valley Auto World BMW or submit an online order form today. 

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