Subaru debuts electric sports car concept at Tokyo auto show

Subaru on Wednesday rolled out the Sport Mobility Concept at the 2023 Tokyo auto show to show what an electric sports car from the brand might be like.

While the design, which looks to have been inspired by the SVX of the 1990s, may not make it to a future production model, certain elements, like body panels designed to aid air flow and the use of lightweight materials like forged carbon, are things that may come to light on upcoming electric vehicles from Subaru, including potentially a sports car.

Inside the concept, the driver sits low and faces a square-shaped steering wheel. Separate screens serve as a digital gauge cluster and infotainment hub, as well as for displaying information from side-mounted cameras that replace traditional side mirrors.

Subaru Sport Mobility concept

Subaru Sport Mobility concept

There aren’t any powertrain details, but last year Subaru rolled out the STI E-RA sports car concept as a testbed for high-performance EV technology. The concept featured four electric motors generating a combined 1,072 hp. The setup was also capable of delivering fast and precise torque vectoring via independent control of each motor.

Subaru also used the Tokyo auto show to present a high-riding version of its Levorg compact wagon sold in Japan. The new version is called the Levorg Layback.

The automaker also presented a concept for a flying taxi. Called the Air Mobility Concept, the design resembles a multirotor drone big enough to carry a couple of passengers. Subaru said engineers from its aerospace division are currently working on a prototype capable of making demonstration flights.

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