Charged EVs | Sepion Technologies opens coating facility for lithium-metal EV batteries in North America

Sepion Technologies, a manufacturer of EV batteries, has opened a separator coating facility for lithium-metal batteries for EVs.

The renewable-energy-powered building spans 25,000 square feet, increasing Sepion’s separator coating capacity by 1,000-fold and polymer synthesis scale by 100-fold. It also enables the production of up to 10 Ah pouch cells. 

Sepion’s separators are designed using a closed loop, data-driven materials development program that combines computational chemistry, machine learning and experimental electrochemistry to safely replace graphite anodes with lithium metal and boost e-mobility range by 40% while improving charging performance.

“The opening of our lithium-metal separator coating facility represents a major leap forward in our production capacity,” said Zahid Shafi, VP of Operations at Sepion.

Source: Sepion Technologies

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