Top speeds and race pace in Austin at COTA

Hamilton and Leclerc disqualified from U.S. Grand Prix | Reuters

Let’s take a look at the top speeds and race pace based on the data collected from the 2023 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix at COTA in Austin

Race Pace from the 2023 F1 United States Grand Prix

Red Bull>Mercedes>McLaren>Ferrari>>AstonMartin>Alpine

Source: FDataAnalysis

Aston Martin’s upgrades did work it seems: first time that Lance Stroll (updated car) was quicker than Fernando Alonso (old car). Lance Stroll had a lower average fuel load (he did 9 laps more): that amount to less than 0.3s/lap though

Lewis Hamilton was as quick as Max Verstappen, on average: The Dutchman was managing his pace at the end, but he would have had to fight for the win if not for Mercedes’ errors concerning strategy and pit execution!

Top Speeds from the 2023 F1 United States Grand Prix

Source: FDataAnalysis

Aston Martin’s update might have cut their drag: STR reached 337km/h (the highest speed in the race), 3km/h more than Alonso (who was running the older package)

His top speed without DRS was 3km/h higher, too: 309 vs 306km/h. Mercedes was draggy but quick! Quite fascinating how good cornering can make up for such massive drag!

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