2024 BMW X2 M235i xDrive teased again before debut

BMW dropped a third teaser for the coming X2, likely the final one since the cute ute debuts in full tomorrow evening, Tuesday, October 10, U.S. time — early Wednesday morning in Germany. The subject here is the X2 M35i xDrive, which will be the even spicier variant of a second-gen X2 lineup that’s getting more edge. Spy shots and a surprise X2 appearance in the game Fortnite show the silhouette of a fastback roof intended to put the X2 more in line with its X4 and X6 brethren, including a spoiler featuring a ducktail-like flick at the base of the hatch. The X2 M35i xDrive teaser shows a car that will adopt many of the same cues as the X1 M35i xDrive that launched in June. That means a black grille, flashy wheels, available M Compound brakes, lots of M badges, a more ornate rear spoiler, and M’s trademark quad-pipes in a shiny black lower bumper, making this the second M Performance model to get four tips.

The powertrain should be the same turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder making 312 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque; Europe’s version will be slightly down on output compared to our U.S. version due to different emissions rules and equipment. Output runs to all four wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The X1 M35i makes a limited-slip differential and an adjustable M suspension standard equipment.

Visitor to this month’s Tokyo Mobility Show in Japan could be the first to see the X2 in public. In addition to the standard and M Performance trims, the battery-electric iX2 should be on stand, too. Power for the EV is anticipated to come from the same setup in the iX1, a 64.7-kWh battery juicing two motors making a combined 308 horsepower. And once the public show takes place, gamers can head back to BMW’s virtual city Hypnopolis in Fortnite to play with the X2 in the Car Creator tool. 

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