Exploring Crosby Canyon while trying for Warm Creek Bay, Lake Powell.

We spent the morning in Page, AZ doing chores such as laundry, more groceries and such.  

While Martha stayed at camp doing her crosstich, I went out on Yagi to see if I could find the way to Warm Creek Bay on Lake Powell.

I went perhaps 16-17 miles and finally got to the shore of a bay on Lake Powell; however I missed Warm Creek Bay, ending up south of it.  Oh well.

On the way there I paused for pics of the rock formations along Crosby Canyon:

The last mile or so was deep sand in long stretches, it made for some interesting moments but I’m happy to report no falls and only a minimum of outrigger activity by me.

Finally spotted and found the trail leading to the shore/beach:

I’d worked up a bit of sweat riding in the low 80s temperature so I stripped down to shorts for a couple of quick dips in the cool water of the lake.  Ahhhh.

Soon, it was time to gear up again and head back.  I had to “assist” Yagi in getting off the beach at a particularly deep sandy spot.  Other than that, it was pretty much smooth riding all the way back, stopping for pics in the canyon again:

As I motored along Smoky Mountain Rd, which traverses the Nipple Bench, I spotted and tried for a shot of distant buttes.  They’re in a valley through which US Highway 89 runs.

One last stop at the top of the cliff side overlooking our camp site.

Can you spot Uma?

About three hours of riding/exploring…a good way to end a pretty good day.

Here’s a video shot by Martha this evening:

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