Exploring more of the Nipple Bench Area

 This morning was a chore drive in the CR-V to the city of Kanab, UT.  We’d originally planned on boondocking somewhere near it yesterday you see; and had two Amazon deliveries sent to General Delivery at their post office.

Just shy of 58 miles one way, the trip was no big deal with the speed and comfort of using the Honda CR-V cage.  After the successful pickup at the post office, we checked out a roadside attraction called Little Hollywood.

Their specialty is apparently being a “museum” of old western movie and TV show sets.  Our verdict?  Don’t bother.

So, we returned to our campsite in time for lunch.  Here’s a view of the campsite during the Noon hour:

I had received and installed a replacement Solar Charge Controller made by Renogy.  Easy install and we’re once again able to use the solar panel to charge up the house battery.

I also re-affixed the middle support bracket that holds the front of the fresh water tank.  It had come off while we were parked in the Valley of the Gods and I spotted it on the ground when I moved the VRRV to position it for hookup to the CR-V on departure from there!

Mid-afternoon, we boarded the CR-V one more time so we could check out some of the rock formations of Nipple Bench.  Lots of terrain features around here sport the Nipple name, Nipple Canyon, Nipple Butte…you get the idea.  

In case you’re wondering what a “Bench” is, geographically:

Area of relatively level land on the flank of an elevation such as a hill, ridge, or mountain where the slope of the land rises on one side and descends to the opposite side.

I’d say a pretty good day overall.  

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