Oil Change in Raleigh, NC

Oil Change: The Dirty Truth of Neglecting this Preventive Care Point

Can You Live in Filth?

Nobody’s house can be perfectly spotless and germ-free at all times. In fact, unless you’re a clean freak, you probably have a few dust bunnies hiding away somewhere or some undone chores. That’s much different, however, than living in absolute filth–the kind that’s likely to make you sick from exposure to disgusting things. Most people will likely say no when asked if they can live in this kind of nastiness. Why would you allow your car to befall that same fate if you’re one of them? Yet that’s exactly what you’re doing if you neglect the routine preventive maintenance oil change service. Before your transportation falls victim to a preventable ‘disease,’ bring it to the ASE-certified technicians at A & J Automotive in Raleigh, North Carolina, for auto repair services.

Why Oil Matters So Much

You may be wondering why we’re so passionate about motor oil. The answer is simple; it’s the lifeblood of your car. Oil’s jobs are to lubricate the engine’s moving parts, absorb heat generated from friction and combustion, and grab onto dirt particles so they can’t damage components. As oil ages (which has to do with both time and miles driven), it loses its ability to perform appropriately. Also, the degraded oil combines with dirt to form sludge. These factors make your engine susceptible to premature wear and damage in much the same way as exposure to filth poses a hazard to human health.

Your Trust Local Source for Oil Change

Area residents like you have been entrusting their vehicles to A & J Automotive since 1996. We’ve developed a reputation for excellent mechanical workmanship and customer service, garnering us multiple awards. Beyond taking care of your auto’s preventive maintenance needs, we offer a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty on the repairs you have us make. We’re also the most convenient shop in town. We provide after-hours drop-off, free shuttle service, and loaner cars–all at reasonable rates. Visit us for an oil change. Stay for all your transportation’s mechanical needs.

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