Charged EVs | Behind the scenes of EV test labs with UL Solutions and Keysight (Webinar)

Powering the Future of Electric Vehicles: Step Inside EV Test Labs

Go behind the scenes of UL Solutions’ and Keysight’s electric vehicle labs to see the tech driving high-power charging, batteries, and how EVs might fuel the grid. Register now for your exclusive ticket and get your questions answered during a live Q&A with automotive experts.

Webinar: November 7, 2023 at 9:00 AM PT
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Learn About Power From the Grid to EVs and Back:

EV Charging
Dig into the protocols and specs, safety considerations, and best practices for AC and DC EV charging. Explore the AC and DC EV charging world with in-depth protocols, specifications, safety considerations, and best practices. Discover the essential knowledge you need to charge your electric vehicle safely and efficiently.

Vehicle to Grid (V2G)
Learn about the ecosystem that will allow EVs to send power back to the grid.

EV Standards
Step inside the EV lab at UL Solutions, where engineers develop standards and test for compliance.

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