Here’s What The De Tomaso P72 Looks And Sounds Like From The Driver’s Seat

Models like the Mangusta and Pantera were responsible for making the De Tomaso brand familiar to automotive enthusiasts. The revived automaker is now working on the P72, and this video catches one at the track with a view from the cockpit.

Specifically, this is a development prototype that uses a V12 engine. The production version is supposed to use a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 making around 700 horsepower and 608 pound-feet of torque. The mill revs to 7,500 rpm. The power routes through a six-speed manual gearbox. The 12-cylinder mill in this one makes a fantastic sound, though.


The P72 appears to have a high-class interior. The video shows lots of polished metal and leather. Each of the instruments has its own shining, circular surround.

The revived De Tomaso brand arrived in 2019, and the P72 debuted at that year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. The company partnered with Roush to create the engine.

The P72 wears swoopy styling that evokes De Tomaso’s classic models. Underneath the curves, there’s a carbon-fiber chassis from the Apollo Intensa Emozione. The component sharing is because Ideal Team Ventures owns both automakers. The company only intends to build 72 cars, and each of them would start at the equivalent of $794,000 (€750,000).

De Tomaso planned to build the P72 in the United States for a while. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the company to change plans and decided to set up a facility near the Nürburgring in Germany. 

De Tomaso is also working on the more powerful P900. It only plants to make 18 of them at $3 million each. Power comes from either a V12 engine that revs to 12,300 rpm or a V10 from the supplier Judd. An Xtrac sequential gearbox sends the output to the rear wheels. The body features an active rear wing. There will even be a De Tomaso Competizione racing series where buyers will be able to compete.

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