Olympic Park Takes Back Iconic Medal Square

Oct.13 – Organisers of the axed Russian GP appear to have accepted that their Formula 1 hopes are over for now.

At the outbreak of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the sport axed its annual event in the Russian resort city of Sochi – at the Sochi Autodrom.

The venue is situated around Olympic Park, and it now emerges that local authorities intend to return the full use of the most popular area – Medal Square with its impressive fountain – to the general public.

To facilitate this, the Sochi track layout is being slashed in half.

“This is a very popular and attractive area for visitors,” said Dmitry Plishkin, head of the Sirius Federal District Administration.

“However, it is blocked by the (F1) perimeter fences. Therefore, we decided to restore the unified space of the Olympic Park, as originally conceived by the designers on the eve of the 2014 Games,” he added.

Plishkin clarified, however, that the track surface itself will “remain untouched”, with the circuit’s original FIA-homologated layout able to be “quickly restored in the event of the return” of Formula 1.

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