What are the Benefits of Summer Tires?

Summer is the season of sun, warmth, and endless adventures on the road. Whether planning a road trip out of Milford or simply commuting to work to and from Danbury, summer tires are essential to ensuring your vehicle performs at its best. So, what are the benefits of having summer tires installed on my Subaru vehicle?

Better handling and traction in dry conditions

One of the most significant benefits of summer tires is their ability to provide excellent handling and traction in dry conditions on Norwalk streets. The softer rubber compound and unique tread design allow summer tires to grip the road better than all-season or winter tires, providing better handling and stability when driving in warm weather.

Improved fuel efficiency

Summer tires are lightweight and have less rolling resistance than other tires, so the vehicle will need less energy to move, resulting in higher fuel efficiency.

Longer lifespan

Summer tires are designed for warm weather and have a longer tread life than all-season or winter tires thanks to the rubber compound that can withstand high temperatures and doesn’t wear as quickly. That makes them a more cost-effective option.

Improved performance in wet conditions

Summer tires perform well in wet or dry conditions. When driving through rainy weather, the tread pattern channels water away from the tire’s surface, reducing the risk of hydroplaning and improving traction.

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Remember to schedule regular tire maintenance at the Dan Perkins Subaru service center near Wallingford to ensure they perform at their best. These steps ensure you get the most out of your summer tires and enjoy their benefits. So why wait? Contact our dealership’s tire center near Branford today and start reaping the benefits of summer tires!

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