How Often Should You Wax Your Car?


As car detailing experts, we always suggest starting by applying a small amount of wax onto the applicator pad and work on one panel at a time, spreading the wax evenly in a thin layer using a circular motion.

Allow the wax to dry based on the manufacturer’s recommended time before buffing off the excess. The wax will generally change to a hazy finish when dry. Always refer to the wax manufacturer’s instructions regarding drying time since it could vary depending on the particular product and environment, e.g. hotter temperatures will mean a faster drying time.


When the wax is dry, it’s time to remove or buff it off. Using a microfiber towel or buffing machine, gently buff off the wax. Turn the towel frequently to avoid wax build-up and ensure all wax is removed, you can achieve this by folding the towel multiple times as you go along from panel to panel. When you notice smearing, it is time to flip to a new side or new towel.


After buffing the excess wax, inspect it to ensure all wax has been properly removed. Any remaining wax can display marks or slight hazing. Finally, appreciate your work – the car should now shine and look rejuvenated.


As a side note, remember to wax your car every 1–2 months. The frequency of waxing can vary depending on the type of wax used and environmental exposure. Regular waxing will extend the lifespan of your car’s paint and maintain its fresh, polished, and clean look.

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