FIA announces verdict in Stroll investigations over Qatar conduct

The FIA has issued a review of Lance Stroll’s conduct during the Qatar Grand Prix weekend, following discussions with the Aston Martin driver.

Stroll was seen visibly frustrated after failing to make Q2 during qualifying, throwing his steering wheel out of his car, and pushing trainer Henry Howe at the back of the garage.

The Canadian later gave a seven-word interview to the media on TV, however he insisted that his relationship with trainer Howe was not damaged by the episode.

Team Principal Mike Krack claimed that it was due to the high demands and pressure put on Stroll to perform, who has failed to score a single point since the summer break and sat out the Singapore Grand Prix following a big qualifying accident.

FIA issue response after review

The governing body has issued a response having investigated the matter: “We can confirm that the FIA Compliance Officer has received an apology from Lance Stroll regarding his actions during the 2023 FIA Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix.

“The Compliance Officer has noted this apology and issued a written warning, reminding Lance of his responsibilities as a competitor bound by the FIA Code of Ethics and other FIA ethical and conduct guidelines set forth by the sporting regulations.

“The FIA maintains a zero-tolerance stance against misconduct and condemns any actions that may lead to physical harassment.”

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