Tommy Tuberville Falling Off A Plane Is The Best Thing We’ve Seen Since The Cop Slide

For some reason, most Alabama voters decided in 2020 that instead of voting for Doug Jones, the former U.S. Attorney who famously got two KKK members convicted for the 1963 bombing of a church that killed four Black girls, they would instead vote for Tommy Tuberville, a former Auburn football coach who in his final (losing) season got beat by Alabama 36-0.

Since being elected to the Senate, Tuberville has made it his personal mission to singlehandedly block the promotions of more than 300 military members, including several senior military appointments. And all because he’s upset that the military reimburses service members if they have to travel to get healthcare. Considering the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, you’d think he would at least allow the confirmation of Admiral Lisa Franchetti as Chief of Naval Operations, but nope. Not gonna happen.

That is why it gives me great pleasure to share this video with you of Tommy Tuberville falling off a plane. Is it car-related? Not at all. It is, however, plane-related, or at the very least plane-adjacent, and we write about plane stuff all the time. So why should this be any different? More importantly, it’s absolutely hilarious. Is it as funny as the video of the Boston Cop Slide? That’s debatable, but it’s easily the funniest fall we’ve seen since.

Will this fall knock some sense into Tuberville and get him to change his mind about continuing to weaken our military? Will it maybe make him think twice before he criticizes President Biden for falling in the past? Probably not. I can’t count out the possibility of a miracle, but something tells me that’s about as likely as Judy Greer confessing her love for me. It is, however, enjoyable to revel in his misfortune.

Eat shit, Tommy

Senator Tommy Tuberville Falls Down The Stairs Getting Off Airplane

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